Thank You and Good Night was recently featured with a review in the Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books. The book was called “a gem” and is praised for its storytelling as “concise but detailed, and the book’s simplicity, gentle rhythms, and easy patterns make it perfect for bedtime reading.” They also note “McDonnell’s solid but energetic linework gives a certain...
In late 2015, Patrick McDonnell visited New York City’s only public, open-admissions animal shelter, Animal Care Centers of NYC (ACC). His time hanging out with real life shelter pets inspires a new week of Shelter Stories for his beloved MUTTS comic, which are running the week of February 1, 2016. His trip was also filmed as part of the national PBS series, Shelter Me, and...
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    I have been a huge fan of this strip since our local newspaper carried it. I was disappointed when the local stopped carry it, but fortunately found the daily on line. I look forward to my daily doses and am a big fan of the little pink sock. It brightens my day!
    — celticpinkcats_6644
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    I am a fairly new fan of "Mutts", only because I have never thought the comics were very entertaining. But now I don't miss it, and quite often cut out and send ones that are poignant to friends.
    — Sarabelle
Bird feeding is a fun and exciting hobby. It doesn’t take a great expense to get started, and almost anyone can do it. Our MUTTS Manifesto reminds us this month to be present. Bird feeding is a wonderful way to make a connection with nature and to enjoy seeing these small and beautiful creatures up close. In the winter months, however, putting out food and fresh water for...
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    I have been feeding and watering my birds at my current location for over 55 years. I cannot overemphasize enough that you should not start if you are not committed to refilling your feeders and cleaning your birdbath every day, 365 days a year. If you are committed, and act every day you will be amazingly rewarded. I agree that black oil seed is the best. Add safflower seed if you particularly want cardinals. Put out thistle seed feeders for goldfinches.
    — georgeturner1_11597