MUTTS is partnering with the Petco Foundation for their May Adoption Event May 7-14, 2016! Local shelters and rescue groups will be bringing homeless animals to Petco stores so they can find their forever homes. And to make it even shweeter, Petco will give out MUTTS tote bags for the first 6,000 animals adopted. Petco Foundation recently made a generous donation the Animal...
New Jersey readers (and those willing to drive to the Garden State!) are invited to come meet Patrick McDonnell, creator of the MUTTS comic strip. He’ll be taking part in The All Ages Show: RU's 3rd Annual Kid Lit Conference, hosted by Rutgers University. Patrick will appear with Rebecca Stead, Corey Ann Haydu, Matthew Cody, and Katherine Jacobs. In addition to readings, the...
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    Grew up right down the road in Tennent, and attended Englishtown Manalapan and Freehold schools. Now involved with animal rescue and love your work. We all quote you everyday! Bless you for all you do...Liz
    — jdownes2_10169
Meatless Mondays encourage communities to explore the many benefits of a plant-based diet for one day a week, at the least. MUTTS is happy to join in this popular movement that’s celebrated by people with all types of diets. For some people, Meatless Monday starts as an experiment and later leads to a commitment to vegetarian or vegan lifestyle. Meatless Monday was...
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    I am meatless at least 5 to 6 days a week. Yay to meatless Mondays.
    — zentajones_11854
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    Actually, Meatless Monday was a concept started during WWII. The US government Popularized the idea of Meatless Monday also Wheat-less Wednesday, I do not know if other Allies followed the same or similar strategies, but everyone had rationing. According to the UK's Statistics, the 6 years they were in WWII (1939-1945 for them) saw an UPTURN in peoples health Physical AND Mental, and remember they had the Blitz. Their scientists believe that it was because of some food items getting rationed, like meat, and people gardening both on their own property and collectively. As for the Mental part (suicides were notably reduced during the War years...the current thought is that they had a collective enemy that they collectively fought against. BYW I know that Early and Mooch are not Snoopy (though I think they have corresponded) Sometime somewhere in the comic can one of your characters, may Mooch's Guardians since they are older, mention this. We did it before and we can do it again. Hurrah for Meatless Monday. In theory if would cut meat consumption about by 1/7th. And that's a start.
    — Lifeflame5_5725