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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I’m not receiving the strip anymore. Can you help?

    If you're a MUTTS subscriber but are unable to receive the daily strip, you may be encountering a spam or filtering issue with your email provider. We suggest checking your junk email folder (in case it has ended up there in error) and adding to your address list. Sometimes this issue is sporadic; in such cases, the emails will simply return after a few days.

    If you continue to have trouble receiving the strip, you may need to speak directly with your email provider. Our emails may be filtered out before they even reach your inbox.

    We work within standard guidelines and regularly optimize our emails to keep them filter- and spam-friendly, but in the end, each carrier has its own filtering system that's updated weekly (if not daily).

    We will continue sending your emails, and we truly hope you receive them. You're always welcome to contact us with questions, and we're happy to help in any way we can.

    And remember — you can always see the newest daily strip on the homepage!

  2. How do I get MUTTS in my newspaper?

    If your newspaper doesn't carry MUTTS, or has dropped it from the comics page, the Features Editor needs to hear from you! Sometimes 15-20 calls or letters are enough for the newspaper to reconsider and put MUTTS where it belongs — on the comics page! And if you haven’t signed up to receive the MUTTS strip via email, you can do so right on our homepage!

  3. Can I use the MUTTS comic strip, characters or artwork for my shelter/school/library/charity newsletter, post on my website, or reprint for another purpose?

    Please forward requests for reprint or web usage of a MUTTS comic strip, artwork, or characters to King Features Syndicate.

  4. When will Guard Dog be released from his chains?

    Have no fear, Guard Dog is free in Patrick’s sketchbooks and Patrick promises to free him someday in the newspaper. However, in the strip, Guard Dog has a job to do. He represents many dogs who live their entire lives chained. Some states have passed legislation to ban this practice, and we’re hoping others will follow suit. If you want to help set Guard Dog free, please contact your state legislators to introduce a ban in your state. For more information, including legislative contact info and sample letters, please visit Dogs Deserve Better.

    Want to introduce a tethering ordinance in your own community? More information is available in this PDF from our friends at The Humane Society of the United States.

    We're also inspired by the work of Beyond Fences (formerly The Coalition to Unchain Dogs), which provides important resources to underserved neighborhoods.

  1. Will my purchase help animals?

    Yesh! We donate 5% of all sales from the MUTTS Shop to The Humane Society of the United States' Animal Rescue Team.

  2. Why does MUTTS donate to The Humane Society of the United States?

    MUTTS creator Patrick McDonnell is a member of the Board of Directors of The HSUS, a role he's extremely proud of. The HSUS is the nation's largest and most effective animal protection organization. It drives transformational change in the U.S. and around the world by combating large-scale cruelties such as puppy mills, animal fighting, factory farming, seal slaughter, horse cruelty, captive hunts, and the wildlife trade. While The HSUS comes to the aid of animals in crisis, it also attacks the root causes of problems, and its most important goal is to prevent animals from getting into situations of distress in the first place.

    The HSUS operates community-based programs, four wildlife sanctuaries, and care centers that directly assist thousands of animals each year.

  3. What does the Animal Rescue Team do?

    The HSUS' Animal Rescue Team works with law enforcement to investigate illegal animal cruelty, targeting the worst cases of animal abuse nationwide. Every year they rescue thousands of animals from puppy mills, animal fighting operations, natural disasters, and other situations where animals suffer from life-threatening cruelty and neglect.

  4. Does MUTTS donate to animal shelters?

    Yes. We sponsor fundraising efforts for animal shelters and other local/regional nonprofits by donating signed MUTTS comic strip prints to be used in raffles and silent auctions. Please note that only certified 501c3 charities may apply for product donations.

  5. How do I request a donation from MUTTS?

    If you are a certified 501c3 organization, please read our charity guidelines before submitting an application. Although we would like to support every worthwhile cause, due to the numerous requests that we receive, we may not be able to fulfill every request.

  1. How do you select products for the MUTTS Shop?

    At Team MUTTS, we strive to offer high quality, unique products that appeal to our community and are kind to our planet. For everything we source or design, we strive to meet the following ethos:

    • Above all, we choose products that are animal-friendly in materials, production, and message.
    • We provide only the highest quality items that are well-made, feel good, and look great.
    • We value products and companies that are eco-friendly and practice fair-trade principles.
  1. How can I add items to my cart?

    Use the red “Add to Cart” button, and the item will show up in your cart. Some items — like t-shirts — require you to choose a size before the item is added.

  2. How can I remove an item from my cart?

    Click the shopping cart icon on the top right of your screen. Click "Remove" to delete an item from your cart.

  3. What is the processing time on my order?

    We work as quickly as our paws allow! Please allow a processing time of approximately 5-7 business days before your order is shipped out.

  4. I am looking for a print from a specific date. How can I find it?

    You can search for a range of dates or for one specific publish date in the Comic Strip Prints section of the MUTTS Shop.

  5. How can I find the date of an old strip I clipped from the newspaper?

    Patrick always adds the month and date in one of the lower corners of the strip. 1-23 means January 23, 3-14 means March 14, 11-11 means November 11, and so on. The year appears in the copyright line next to his name.

  6. I want to order a strip but don't know the date. Can you help me?

    We'll try! You can always reach out to us on social media or via email with a description of the strip, and we'll do our best to find it. Unfortunately, with more than two decades of daily strips in our archives, we can't guarantee that we'll be able to locate the one you're looking for.

    We also recommend searching the Comic Strip Prints section of the MUTTS Shop. You can search for strips by keyword, popular themes, animals, characters, dates, and more.

  7. Does Patrick really sign the Museum Prints himself?

    Yesh! He signs each one by hand. Our Museum Prints are printed on 40 lb, acid-free, chlorine-free, tree-free, and naturally neutral pH balanced paper. Each is embossed with a MUTTS seal, and has limited-edition numbering and Patrick McDonnell's signature. They make wonderful gifts for any MUTTS lover!

  8. Can I use a promo code or discount on a previous purchase?

    Promo codes, discounts, and other offers can only be utilized during the active period as listed on the promotion and are not valid on previously placed orders. Items cannot be returned and re-ordered to receive promo code discounts or other offers.

  9. What prints are discounted as part of the Strip of the Month and Strip of the Day promotion?

    Only the unsigned, regular strips are eligible for these discounts.

  1. Can I expedite the shipping on my order?

    Yes, you can choose expedited shipping during checkout. For expedited shipping, please allow 2-3 business days processing time before your order is shipped. (Expedited shipping is not available on Canadian or international orders.)

  2. How does shipping to Canada and other international destinations work?

    MUTTS cannot guarantee delivery dates for free or paid shipping via USPS. USPS standard delivery takes 7-10 business days but can be longer for Canada and other international destinations, so please plan accordingly. If free shipping is applied, it applies to USPS selection only. Free expedited shipping is not available.

  3. How can I get free domestic Standard Shipping on all purchases of $50 or more?

    All domestic (continental United States) web orders placed through our site totaling $50.00 or more will receive free Standard Shipping. Please select Standard Shipping option during the checkout process to redeem this offer.

  4. What if I still have a question?

    Click the blue "Help" tab on the bottom right side of your screen. Tell us about your issue and we'll get back to you as soon as we can!

  1. Can I return a print?

    Because all Pick-a-Prints and Title Panel prints are custom printed, orders are non-refundable and non-exchangeable. Prints purchased within the last 30 days can only be returned, signed, and re-sent with shipping being paid by customer and the difference in cost between the original print purchase and the Signature Print. Prints must be received in good condition for print signing to be applicable.

  2. Can I return another item that I ordered?

    Items other than our prints are non-refundable and are exchangeable only. All exchanges must be made within 30 days of purchase. You can contact us using the green "Help" tab on the left side of the page. Tell us about your issue and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

  3. What should I do if there is a problem with my order?

    We try our best to make every order correct! But if you received the wrong item or a damaged item, use the green "Help" tab on the left side of the page. Tell us about your issue and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

  1. What are the rules for MUTTS contests?

    Contests run on the social media platforms of, during the dates described in contest posts. To participate, sign up for the email is required. All MUTTS email recipients will be included in the random drawing with the exception of MUTTS employees. Once the winner is notified via email, they are required to provide a valid mailing address within 7 days of the email send date in order to receive the prize. Failure to reply within 7 days means forfeit of the prize. First name, last initial and state or country data will be shared in our contest announcement on social media and could be featured on other MUTTS collateral digital and/or print.