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General Questions

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Thu, 01/21/2016 - 13:52 -- allyson.muttscomics
Faq collection: 
I’m not receiving the strip anymore, can you help?

Many times it’s a spam or filter issue with your email provider. Subscribers that are unable to receive the strip usually find it to be sporadic and they will often start receiving them again. You need to talk to your email provider about why you’re not receiving the daily strip they may be filtering it out before it even gets to you. We keep updating the emails to keep them filter/spam-friendly, but in the end, each carrier has their own filtering system that's updated weekly if not daily. We'll keep sending them!

You can check your junk email folder to see it’s going there, and you can also try adding to your address list, that sometimes helps. You can also see the strips on our home page each day.

Once they’re sent from our offices and received at the recipient’s end, we no longer have control over how to get that email into your inbox. None of the information here is meant to imply that not receiving your daily strip is YOUR fault, or your email provider’s fault. Only a handful of our thousands of subscribers run into this problem. Many programs (and spam filters, and any other programs running on your or your provider’s equipment) require that emails be set up a certain way to gain entry into your inbox, and we work to optimize our emails for the dozens of email programs that exist today. We work within standardized guidelines and continue to update as necessary, and as time allows.

How do I get MUTTS in my newspaper?

If your newspaper doesn't carry MUTTS, or has dropped it from the comics page, the features editor needs to hear from you! Sometimes 15 to 20 calls or letters are enough for the newspaper to reconsider and put MUTTS where it belongs — on the comics page! And if you haven’t signed up to receive the MUTTS strip via email, you can do so right on our homepage!

Can I use the MUTTS comic strip, characters or artwork for my shelter/school/library/charity newsletter, post on my website, or reprint for another purpose?

All requests for reprint or web usage of a MUTTS comic strip, artwork, or characters including uses for school, library and charity purposes must be sent to King Features Syndicate.

When will Guard Dog be released from his chains?

Have no fear, Guard Dog is free in Patrick’s sketchbooks and Patrick promises to free him someday in the newspaper. However, in the strip Guard Dog has a job to do. He represents many dogs that live their entire lives chained. Some states have passed legislature to ban this practice, and we’re hoping that others will join in to improve the lives of every “Guard Dog.” If you want to help set Guard Dog free, please contact your state legislators to introduce a ban in your state. For more information, including legislative contact info and sample letters please visit Dogs Deserve Better.

Lots more information is available from our friends at The Humane Society of the Untied States. You can also download their fantastic PDF

We're so inspired by the work of the Coalition to Unchain Dogs. Please check out their site, watch their videos, and start a chapter of your own.

Does MUTTS donate to charities?

Due to the high volume of requests, please note only certified 501c3 charities may apply for product donations. If you are a certified 501c3 organization, please read our charity guidelines before submitting an application. Although we would like to support every worthwhile cause, due to the numerous requests that we receive, please note that we may not be able to fulfill every request.